We are a Family of Four + 3 Weiner Dogs, sharing our adventures in a 2013 16ft. Scamp Travel Trailer.

Coming to a Decision

Over the past year and a half, Ben and I have been kicking the around the idea of full timing.  We would joke and kid about it but were never really serous. I think Ben was serious but I love my house and had no desire to sell. However, as time went on whenever we...

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Ah paper.  This is the third thing that Marie Kondo wants you to tackle.  After tackling clothes and books I really thought I could take a break.   But I was kicked into action by a friend saying she was looking for a filing cabinet.  I quickly told her that I had one...

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We continue to pursue the Marie Kondo method around here. Next on her list is books. We tackled this a couple of days after we tackled our clothes. The clothes were easy for me compared to the books. Books are my vice I love them so much, I love to read them and...

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