I was browsing through Facebook last week and I saw a post on my feed that mentioned the consultant, Marie Kondo.  She has written several books on downsizing and decluttering your house.  Her entire premise is “do your belongings spark joy?”  if they don’t, you should get rid of them.

I have heard about her method but I have never put them into practice.  I have been wanting to declutter and get rid of things, and have slowly been trying to down size over the past couple of months but this has  been extremely hard for me, honestly I could be a hoarder!  I did successfully pair down my Christmas decorations this past December, however I seemed to agonize over gettting rid of each item.  But for some reason Marie Kondo’s article struck a cord with me and I told Ben this past Saturday morning that he should go through his clothes as well.  His t-shirt collection was starting to get out of hand and whenever I would put his clothes away I could barely close his dresser drawers.

So as Marie Kondo suggested Ben put all his clothes on the bed and started to purge!  I would say he got rid of half his clothes. Then he suggested we go through my clothes and before you know it I had purged over 50% of my clothes too!

Deciding what to keep and what to donate. 

      Boo did not want to be left out and asked if she go through her clothes. So we emptied her dresser and she ended up getting rid of over half her clothes too.

We got rid of 16 bags of clothes and it felt wonderful!

I was so proud of our family.  I told Ben that we should make 2017 the year we purge everything we don’t use or need.  He happily agreed since he is consistently trying to get me to pair down. So join us for The Moffett Purge of 2017…more to come.