We continue to pursue the Marie Kondo method around here. Next on her list is books. We tackled this a couple of days after we tackled our clothes. The clothes were easy for me compared to the books. Books are my vice I love them so much, I love to read them and collect them. I read in an article Marie Kondo wrote about purging books before I took on the project and it really helped me.  Her advice was to hold each book and if it sparks “joy” you are allowed to keep it.  She said it was easier to let books go that you have already read  and not to keep books that you “plan” to read.  She said you rarely end up reading them twice.

It is better to have a small well curated collection then a huge one that you never read. – Marie Kondo

Since I don’t have a large book case most of my books were stored in a huge old trunk which held most of my collection. If I had already read the book I bagged it up for Miracle Hill.  And many of these books I already had a copy of in Audible, even some as an ebook and I was able to easily let them go.

After I worked through my trunk, I pushed through the books under our craft table.  This shelf goes all the way under the table so I had a lot of books crammed under there.

I still have this bookcase to go through. It mostly holds all my old books and I have not worked through these yet. I found most of them in local thrift stores.  I am definitely putting off this job, because getting rid of these will be really hard.

All in all we ended up donating 3 bins of books to our local Miracle Hill.  It felt so good purging through these books, I hope they find new homes soon.  Next up papers!