Ah paper.  This is the third thing that Marie Kondo wants you to tackle.  After tackling clothes and books I really thought I could take a break.   But I was kicked into action by a friend saying she was looking for a filing cabinet.  I quickly told her that I had one and guess what it was full of paper and school books!  We home school so I had all these school books that I was hanging onto that I thought I would use for Boo one day. The only problem is we are using a different curriculum and not using any of the books I had saved.  So I kindly offered my friend our filing cabinet because I know we really did not need it.  This decision was made very quickly which worked in my favor because then I could not agonize over all the ” stuff” that I was storing in the drawers.

I save a sample of my kids school work but I had saved a bit to much!  So I just plunged and started to get rid of paper that I knew I did not need to keep.

As you can see I had a lot of school books.  I finally went through them and kept the ones I thought I would really use and then I was able to donate and sell the rest.

There is also a closet in our classroom  that is stuffed to over flowing.  So after the filing cabinet was gone I started on the closet.  It was just a domino effect because then Ben went through his little filing cabinet.

And he was able to get all the papers we needed to keep in this little box.


Going through the paper was a little more stressful then I thought it would be but going from two filing cabinets to one little filing box has been so freeing!