Over the past year and a half, Ben and I have been kicking the around the idea of full timing.  We would joke and kid about it but were never really serous. I think Ben was serious but I love my house and had no desire to sell. However, as time went on whenever we were out camping we just loved it so much and enjoyed the time together as a family.  We enjoyed being out in nature more and the kids and us were on our tablets less. To me the most stressful part of camping is getting ready for the actual trip and the unpacking once we get home, but the actual camping part is always so much fun and relaxing.

I think things started to change for me last summer when we were on a camping trip at the lake with some good friends.  We own kayaks but we had not used them too much that summer and something about that weekend with the kids playing around on the kayaks and in the little cove  had me thinking that I wanted to live on the lake. Ben has had the desire to move for a while and I think he wanted something newer and smaller.  I love old houses and antiques so when I told Ben I wanted to live on the lake he jumped at the chance to look at houses.  This was the first time I actually agreed to entertain the idea of moving.  We looked and looked and found a little tiny house on the lake we really liked but the owner ended up taking it off the market to rent and we were really not quite ready to sell. One thing this accomplished was we started getting out on the lake almost every weekend with our kayaks and really enjoyed it as a family and knew we might revisit the whole idea of selling in the Spring.

Christmas came and went and the idea of selling was really not far from our mind but I was quite content to stay where we were. But one thing I was starting to do was purge and to get rid of things. When we pulled our Christmas tree box out of the closet, we pulled every single thing out and got rid of so  much stuff!  When I put our Christmas decorations away we had 2 less boxes and I was able to fit it all in just one.  Then in January we started the whole “KonMari” thing and it was wonderful, please check out there process for decluttering, it’s amazing and life changing.

I knew in the back of my mind the end goal was to sell our house and not buy another one.  During this time Ben and I were just praying that the Lord would give us clear direction on what we were supposed to do.  And after months and months of praying and just getting rid of stuff we didn’t love anymore we knew what we were supposed to do. Put our house on the market and go full time Rving.