I have always loved to craft in one shape or another. For the longest time my house in Greenville, SC was my focus. Since I am a sucker for a good bargain, I loved to scour local thrift stores for furniture, paint them and find a place for them in our home. But when we started to purge in January of 2017 in preparation for selling our house and hitting the road, I no longer could justify going to thrift stores. I am a pack rat by nature so purging was very hard at first for me. But when I discovered the Marie Kondo method I was finally able to let things go.

There is something very freeing about getting rid of almost everything you own. Our house was not that small and we had it jam packed full of furniture. What we did keep, we crammed into a 10 x 15 storage unit. But we were even able to pair that down to a 10 x 5 storage unit when we went home for Thanksgiving of 2017.

When we purchased Marilyn our 1989 34′ Limited Airstream I was able to focus on her for a bit. We put up wallpaper, new cabinet handles, made new curtains for the front windows, and new dinette cushion covers. She is pretty much “updated” while keeping most of the original parts. She is in such good condition we don’t plan on making any other permanent changes at this time.

When we were still in our house I went through a doll sewing phase too. I absolutely loved it and sewed for hours on end but soon burned out. I would love to do more sewing, but sadly I don’t have my machine with me, because it’s back in Greenville, SC in our storage unit. So my craftiness has not had much of an outlet lately.

For Christmas Mason gave me a jewelry stamping kit. It was very basic but it was fun to play around with, however I quickly lost interest, because the tools I had to work with were clunky. But in March for our anniversary my husband purchased me better jewelry stamping tools that were good quality this time which made all the difference. I quickly fell in love with making jewelry this time around but became bored with available store made stamping blanks. I read where someone had used copper to make bracelets and decided to experiment with it. And I have decided that copper is my medium. I love the color and you have to work to make it the shape you want, but it’s so rewarding to see something beautiful come together that is made out of copper wire from your local hardware store.

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